In the same way that music helps us celebrate moments of joy it also soothes us in times of grief and sorrow. When words are hard to find, people can turn to the music and share a moment with someone without feeling the need to speak.

A quiet guitar or duo playing contemplative instrumental music adds a welcome background during visitations. The music is often classical or hymnal but can also be folk, Celtic or other style.

Funerals and Memorial Services
There is no single right way to choose music for a funeral or memorial service.  In addition to the treasured classics and hymns that are part of many ceremonies, John has also played and sung songs by The Beatles, George Strait, Pink Floyd, The Talking Heads and Tracy Chapman for services in recent years. People no longer feel compelled to choose music that is sombre and staid for their loved ones funerals. It is now common to include favorite songs or songs by favorite artists of the deceased.

Memorial Parties
In the days immediately following the passing of a loved one, particularly if the death is unexpected or after a difficult illness, the bereaved may be too overwhelmed and exhausted to be fully present. They may find it difficult to receive all of the friends and family that gather to offer condolences. It is also difficult for people to travel long distances at a moment’s notice to attend a funeral. For these reasons and others, many families choose to have a memorial party in addition to, or even instead of, a traditional funeral. These celebrations are often scheduled several months after a person passes away.

A memorial party is a celebration of a life.  It is a time for friends and family to gather after some of the shock and grief over their loved one’s death has given way to gratitude for their life. People share stories and memories and reflections and along with tears there are smiles and even laughter.

John would be honored to help you with the music for any part of your loved-one’s services or celebrations.

The D18 before a memorial service