The John Willingham Band

The John Willingham Band plays an eclectic mix of rock and pop from the 1960s to today, from The Beatles and Dylan, through the songwriters of the 70s (Paul Simon, Warren Zevon, Van Morrison), alternative rock of the 80s (R.E.M., Elvis Costello, Squeeze), and the many great bands and songwriters of the 2000s (Wilco, Jason Isbell, David Gray).  The thread that ties it all together is a love of engaging melody, lush harmony and songcraft.  The hits are covered but the B-sides and rarities are on the menu as well.

  1. If I Had a Boat The John Willingham Band 3:57
  2. The Bug The John Willingham Band 4:19
  3. And It Stoned Me The John Willingham Band 4:23

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J’ham is a rock band rooted in the album-oriented rock and blues genres of the late 60s and early 70s. The emphasis is on improvisation and exploration. The styles include hard rock, progressive rock, blues rock, jam band, classic rock, fusion and a trace of jazz and avant-garde. The band seeks to entertain fans of  long-form jams, complexity, musicianship and skill.

  1. Hot 'Lanta J'ham 5:54
  2. Norwegian Wood J'ham 8:23
  3. Angel From Montgomery J'ham 4:23

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Doublewide is a beloved Atlanta band that played extensively across the Southeast in the ’90s. Centered around the superb songwriting of Bradley Cole Smith, we still gather once or twice a year for a reunion gig with all of the Doublewide alumni and their friends and fans.

  1. Wondering Doublewide 5:08
  2. Fanny Doublewide 4:29
  3. Bats Doublewide 3:07
  4. And It Stoned Me Doublewide 4:03
  5. One More Mile Doublewide 2:35
  6. Hope Doublewide 4:23
  7. The Shape I'm In Doublewide 3:15
  8. Mother's Daughter Doublewide 4:54
  9. Sanford and Son Doublewide 2:34
  10. Easy Wind Doublewide 2:59
  11. Choppin' George Doublewide 4:18
  12. Weary Doublewide 3:57
  13. Toast to Mother Nature Doublewide 5:12