My Brother's Company!!

Speedpro Imaging Marietta - They print graphics on vinyl for Banners, Tradeshow Displays/Exhibits, Commercial Graphics, Retail Graphics,Vehicle Graphics and lots of other very cool stuff!


Guitar Links

Guitar Woods Explained - A great page on the Warmoth site detailing the differences in wood used for guitar building.

Freddie Green - A very nice site with lessons and other info about Count Basie's great rhythm guitarist Freddie Green.

Steve Morse - Great site with tabs and tutorials and lots of other great stuff

Fretboard Diagrams - very cool Flex site


Links to friends and associates

David Diener - Artist, Illustrator, Multimedia Developer, Photographer, Musician

Robert Ray Entertainment - Musician, Producer

Marsha Dupree - great jazz, R&B and cabaret singer

Jeff Hix and the Heretics - classic rock band I play with sometimes

Greg Hester - a very very bad dude

Ben Wakeman - a very good Atlanta singer-songwriter and fine guitar player that I enjoy working with

Square Feet Studio - The Bencich's excellent architectural firm

Atlanta Artistic Weddings - Atlanta Wedding Photographer



Atlanta Music Stores

Midtown Music - Great store for boutique amps, vintage guitars, acoustics

Maple Street Guitars - the best store in the area for classical guitars

Other Cool Stuff

The Atlanta Pop Festival - Although not nearly well known as the festivals in Woodstock, Monterey and Altamont, Atlanta had it's own festival in July of 1970 that featured the greatest bands of the time: The Allman Brothers, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones and others. This is an excellent website about the festival.

Music Notation and Terminology, by Karl W. Gehrkens - A 1914 textbook about proper music notation available on the Gutenberg website.

Leroy "Pop" Miller - Pop Miller was the principal of my high school, East Mecklenburg High School in Charlotte, NC. Pop had high expectations for himself, his school and especially the students. He was quick to let you know when you were screwing up and every now and then he'd give you some encouragement and praise. This is an interview he did for the Documenting the American South program which is an oral history program sponsored by the Library of the University of North Carolina .

Another East Meck story -

Papers of the Willingham and Lawton families - Some of my ancestors: This collection of four hundred ninety-eight manuscripts documents family life in the area of Allendale and Greenville during and after the Civil War, in particular through the interrelated families of Sarah Lawton, eldest child of Dr. Benjamin W. Lawton (1822-1879) and Josephine Barksdale Polhill, and John Calhoun Willingham (1841-1892), son of Thomas Willingham (1798-1873) and Phoebe Sarah Lawton (1802-1862). John C. Willingham was a student at Furman University in Greenville at the outbreak of the Civil War. Without returning home, he enlisted in the First Regiment of South Carolina Cavalry commanded by Gen. M.C. Butler. During the war, Willingham served in Virginia and South Carolina.

Atlanta Time Machine - This is a very cool website with lots of then-and-now pictures of Atlanta.

Eat A Peach - This Snopes article tells the real story behind the naming of the Allman Brothers record.

Webpages that mention me!!

Jeff Hix and the Heretics Myspace page

Emory School of Medicine ITS office

Ben Wakeman's Journal


Abert's Towhee

Other Atlanta Links

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