Doc Brundy’s Burger Cafe – Radio Ad

Stripers Baseball at Coolray Field – Radio Jingle

Zoey Blunko – ‘Mari Mexico’ EP

John is playing the flamenco guitar part.

A Very SOTA Christmas, Vol. 1

Guitar on track #11 “Joy to the World”

Ben Wakeman – ‘I’m Just the Same As I Was’

Doublewide – ‘Coming Through’

Libby Whittemore – ‘Guilty Pleasures & More’


Joni Illi – ‘Joni and Friends’

Jeff Hix and the Filter Kings – ‘Seventh Measure’

1. What
2. Anybody Home?
3. Exit Stage Left
4. Late April Leaves
5. Lickin’ Honey
6. Little Black Dress
7. The Noose
8. Beware
9. Full Circle
10. Arrival

Jeff Hix and the Heretics – ‘Beyond the Ninth Wave’